Table Screen

Full blown table management

Multiple display modes
• Grid mode
• List mode: all, free, open
• Graph model

• Graphical representation of your table plans and reposition tables in these plans.
• Split orders to other table or to bill. e.g: a client leaves the table and asks for the check
• Move orders to other table e.g. order is put on wrong table or the clients move to another table
• Link tables together for bigger groups
• Give a table the clients name or description
• Bill a table directly or to an account

See the status of any table
• Current course
• Time of last order
• Name
• Total booked on table
• Covers

• Background image can be used in the plans.
• Selecting a table reveals the details for this table at the right.
• Next course key to inform kitchen
• Transfer tables from a waiter to a different waiter.