Report screens

3 totally different approaches to see your results and totals:

1. A plethora of fixed reports to print on a small ticket printer.
This is the quickest and easiest way to get your results.
Functionality per report is fixed, so you might have to print more than one report to get all the information you want.

2. A self-created report on a standard printer.
You can choose the layout and contents of the report by yourself.
These reports don’t even have to be printed, they can also be shown onscreen.
Creating the layout and content is easy and only has to be done one time, since it is saved for future use.

3. OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing)
The last approach is the most complex one, but also the most powerful.
Exporting the results of your calculations to a spreadsheet (e.g. MS Excel) is a piece of cake.

All these reports don’t have to be printed on the end of the day.
You can review sales numbers of any day in the past.

All results can be calculated for any given period in time, so not only for a day, a week, or a month. (e.g. You can even calculate your sales total from February, the 18th till October, the 3rd.