Order Screen

Full blown P.O.S. all of your sales > Bar, Restaurant, Shop
Flexible: from easy to very sophisticated. It will fit your needs !

Some features

• Combined products
• Windows: grouped products  
• MixProducts
• Images for products on button
• Automatic linked add on’s (Steak +cooking+sauce+vegs.)  
• Menu’s, Courses
• TakeAway + Delivery
• Prepgroups + printer-routings
• Mini-Stock
• Multi Profit-centre and ecozones
• Autoscaling product-pages
• Integrated table-management
• Timezones
• Multi-level group structure: great for reporting.
• Different prices per product
• Pricing linked to combination of profit/ecozone/waiter
• Discounts and promotions
• Accounts: normal,VIP, Internal
• Receipt possible on laser, inkjet
• Multi-currency
• Flexible paymodes
• Barcode enabled
• Powerful reporting
• OLAP OnLine Analytical Processing
• Big choice in hardware: printers, drawers, customer displays
• Integrated TimeKeeper

100% integrated with our BOS stock program
100% integrated with our Bar-Automation

Handheld ordering: the same layouts for the pages is used in the pocketpc.

Multiple activity booking
Although FKP specialize in karting, SportMagix can also automate other activities, such as but not limited to:
Bowling, tennis, fitness, meeting rooms, snooker, paintball and more.

Multiple location per activity booking
12 bowling lanes, 2 karting tracks, 6 pool tables, meeting rooms, wall climbing etc.

Activity blocks
See it as ‘lego’ buiding stones!
Every block has its predefined characteristics:
• Length in time
• Linked sale-products e.g.: Members only, juniors, VIP ..
• Min and max persons
• Linked to time of day and or to day of week and or special days like holidays e.g.: Peak / off-peak, noon, Friday-evening
• Color, description…
• For certain activities special fields e.g :Race-mode and number of laps for karting, instructor for fitness …

Blocks can be prepared by SportMagix days in advance or manually
added/changed with the block manager.

Basket: Easily transfer people from a block into another block.

Color-coding while working
Green = booked and paid
Purple = during booking, not confirmed
Red = reservation

Member bookings are made just by swiping their card
Members can pay with credits