Kart/Pit Screen

Assign karts to drivers anytime: Before, during or even after the race.

4 methods to link kart to driver guaranteed to fit your needs
• Automatic when crossing the loop
• Drag and drop
• Click all kart numbers
• Barcode scan with a pocket in the pit

Start, stop, pause the current race or adjust the time to go

Possible race-modes
• Best lap time
• Average lap time
• Race-mode

• Races are stopped after specified amount of time or laps or combination
• Changing names mid race or after race still possible
• Light control (different brands) manual or automatic. Also e.g. 15 seconds before the race will finish.
• Live screen updates
• Block-manager for adjusting or changing the heats
• Easy follow-up of bookings and reservations per heat
• Basket function to put drivers in another heat
• Swap a broken kart midrace
• Errors in assigning or “ghost riders” easy trackable
• Reprint any race any time on any PC
• Decoder protocol messages visible onscreen when desired