All screens have the same layout
1. Screen selection
2. Data-block of the actual screen
3. Function keys for that screen

Every Screen and function-key option can be linked to a user, profit, pc-group, profile or a combination of these.

1 executable does it all
POS, Reservations & Booking, TV, Kiosk, Time Keeper, manager program …
• Simple pc’s right out of the box
• Win2K or winXP
• Easy network installation/configuration
• Installation done in 5 minutes
• No drivers to install (only for laser)
• No server setup
• Fixed IP configuration
• Automatic backup’s and upgrades
• Made in-house, no patched together 3rd party software
• Easy to service and support
• Teach your employee’s in 10 minutes
• Completely configurable to adapt your way of working.
• System will continue to work without ANY downtime if a network failure occurs. Data synchronisation after fixing the problem is fast and automatic.
• Build on DINO technology: Distributed Intelligent Network Objects
• Super-FAST speed of program
• No drop-down menu’s and deep menu structures.
• Watch your system live @ home
• Superb graphics and animated movies
• Pocket-pc integration for ordering or even pit-control
• No sql-licenses to buy.
• All on 1 pc or giant network of pc’s

Integrated credit-card handling for most countries.