Center Automation

SportMagix is a reservation / management system for scheduling and managing sport activities.
Sportmagix has been created by our dedicated team of programmers, who continue to add features and special requirements for our customers in our persuit of perfection. The feature list below will therefore grow continuously.

Very Robust
SportMagix doesn’t work with 1 big database as most other reservation programs do. The big advantage of our SportMagix is the lesser responsibility for the server PC.
Other Systems: If the server PC breaks down in other systems, they can no longer continiue operation. The same problem happens when network connection with the server and its database is lost. It is then impossible to continue working on a terminal.
SportMagix: SportMagix stores all data it receives on the terminal. In fact, everything is stored on every terminal in the network. SportMagix still uses a server, but the only thing it has to do is distribute the data to every PC. The software is exactly the same on every terminal, if the server breaks down in SportMagix, you only have to assign another PC to be the server.

Real Time Operation
As mentioned above, we don’t work with 1 global database and everything is stored on every PC in the network. This is done automatically and Real Time. E.g. If you would add a new member on 1 PC, it will immediately be visible and workable on all other PC. No need to click Update buttons, which can be easily forgotten. Magix is based on DINO technology (Distributed Intelligent Network Objects).

Customizable interface with multiple profiles
Our interface is user-friendly and easy to use. You can customize the interface to your liking for daily operation. You can rename every button, change the order of appearance, choose if they are dis/activated, … You can even do this for as many different profiles as you wish. For example, as manager you can change the number of credits a member has, but not as a normal staff member.

Easy to manage
You dont have to learn how to work with complex databases like SQL when using our software. All data is stored and viewable in different tables in our back office system. No need to enter incomprehensible query lines to filter in the database. Just go to the section you want to view and filter easily, just like using a spreadsheet editor (e.g. MS, Excel). It is even possible to export all the data or parts of it to a spreadsheet.

Quick Setup / Easy Upgrade
Installation on a brand new PC was never so easy. Just place 1 executable file on the PC and start it. The only thing left to do on the server is to allow the new PC to be part of the network. This can also be done automatically. Since all data is at every PC all the time, it will now be copied automatically. This whole process can be done by an experienced user in less than 10 minutes, unpacking included! Upgrading to a newer version is even simpler. Just place the new version on the server in a special upgrade directory and that’s it. The next day, you will be running the new version.

Powerful Reporting features
SportMagix has some very powerful and advanced analytical capabilities. You can create your own reports and calculate for any given period. For beginners, there are also a lot of default reports provided. You can review you reservations, check daily sales numbers e.g. This can not only be seen as a total overview, but also per staff member, per product, per sport activity, per … All reports can be exported to a spreadsheet if needed.

Integrated Cash Register
SportMagix includes a very extensive all inclusive, top of the line Cash Register. Table management allows for different prices for your products at different times of the week, even for different times of the day. You can work with your menus & courses for your food, with automatic add-ons of beverage and other items.

Extensive Member Management
In SportMagix it’s very easy to see all your members and apply filters to them. You can export these lists to a spreadsheet and automatically generate mailings (e.g. a birthday mail). If you own sport facilities at different locations, you can share the members of both locations. Every member can be given a member card and you can choose whether you want to work with a credits system or not. You can take pictures of all your members and store them to make sure nobody is using a member card that doesn’t belong to him.

Reservation of multiple activities
With SportMagix you can manage reservations for sport activities that are located all across the globe. It doesn’t even need to be the same sport. You can limit operation hours per activity. It’s also possible to prepare a different layout of reservation blocks per day. (E.g. On Friday evening you can play a bit longer for same price.)

Pay as you go/No Contract
Installing Sportmagix is absolutely risk-free due to our “pay as you go” payment terms, without being tied up in a contract.
At SportMagix, we don’t believe in a 1 time payment for the software. We don’t expect our customers to pay a huge sum of money at installation time like most other software vendors. What if the software doesn’t fulfil its promises??!! You can’t make another big investment to try something else, because you already lost your investment on the first try. For SportMagix you pay a small monthly fee for as long as you use the software. If you are not happy with it, you stop the payment, NO CONTRACT!!
This way, you are assured that we are commited to your complete satisfaction. In the case of other software vendors, they have your meney or you are tight to a contract, so why would they bother any longer??

Superb Support
Since customer satisfaction is essential, our service can only be described as superb. We make sure that we can try to solve a problem from the moment it occurs. A small problem that’s solved immediately stays small. To deliver superb customer support, we use a wide variety of means. During installation, we will train you a full day and explain how our system works. We will always stay after the initial installation to make sure SportMagix is like a walk in the park for your staff. Furthermore, all clients automatically get a login to our forum. In our forum it’s not only possible to ask questions or post problems, but you can also find lots of information concerning SportMagix. We will provide you with phone number that can be called 24 hours in case of a system problem or any other questions that need immediate attention. This list contains phone numbers from our customer support group in Florida as well as phone numbers form our programmers in Europe. We also offer support trough email, MSN messenger, our forum or Skype (tool to call people for free all over the world at no cost). Last but not least, our support team can take control of your PC from our customer support location to make necessary changes if needed.

As mentioned earlier, our software runs on a standard PC. It doe not have to be a state-of-the-art PC with all the latest technologies, so if a PC breaks down, you can quickly go to the nearest store and buy the least expensive new PC they sell.
Once back from store, unpack the PC and plug it back into the network. (When you give the PC the same name and IP address as the old one, you don’t have to change anything!) No need for extra expensive back-up systems. The data is being distributed automatically. Apart from SportMagix itself, there is also no need for other extra software. No need to install a long list of drivers or supplementary software. SportMagix works independently by itself. No expensive and hard to manage database is needed.

We do however require you to use Windows 2000 or WinXP as operating system.
SportMagix does not run on Windows 95/98/ME.

Specialized ‘sport’ Modules
Magix can be used for booking all kinds if sports and activities: Fitness, Golf, Bowling ,Paintball , Ski just to name a few.
Certain sports can benefit from specialized modules with very specific functions for that sport:

• Ski : Indoor Ski > entrance and exit control and time-calculation
• Pool, Snooker… : automatic light control
• Wall climbing, Paintball, lasertag
• Karting : Link with timing-decoder , Pit-screen , event-management
• Bowling : Score-system that is linked to the lane-camera’s , competition-planning
• And more…